Pieces of Work

Script in Hand (2012)

Script in Hand at Edinburgh Fringe

Writer/Director: Sean Gregory

Producers: Rosie Scott, Jo Smart

Technical Director: Joel Clements

Performers: Paul Warriner, Stewart Lockwood

1933: the Nazis force Paul Renner, typographer and creator of Futura font, into internal exile.

2012: a theatre company, who shall not be named, do the same their leading man.

There was meant to be a play. About Paul Renner. About typeface. Historicism. The Weimar. The rise of mechanization. Nazis. The future. But this play does not exist.

The performance that should have been his making has become his undoing. This is his chance to explain where it all went wrong. Script in Hand is the story of two forgotten men.

Press Release


Reeling (2010)

Director: Richard Vergette

Writer: Sean Gregory

Producer: Joanne Smart

Technical Director: Joel Clements

Performers: Joanne Smart, Louise Clare-Henry, Ruth Evans, David Corden, Ted Holden

They say, all that remains in an empty house is memories. Jude and Alice didn’t expect to find theirs next door.
A forty-five minute play about nostalgia, family, mistakes… and ninety minute cassette tapes.
To understand the past, you have to relive it.

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